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2D Animation is the process of creating a sequence of moving pictures in a two-dimensional environment. Either through “traditional” hand-drawn cell animation or digital animation software. From Mickey Mouse to Lion King. 2D animated shows have enthralled viewers of all ages for decades.

2D Animation Services:

Using traditional cell animation and high-end software's, we provide the following services:

  1. Character Designing
  2. Background Designing
  3. Cell Animation
  4. Flash Animation

Lets start a new 2D Animation Project together!

Our 2d animation team strives to excel in 2D animation services. Experienced designers and visual artists try to impart their dreams of visual achievement.


The value of a particular skill in a given technology determines by many factors which include the market demand for such resources. Viizion Box possesses well-trained resources to work on diverse technologies. It also provides you with extensive technology gamut to choose from.


Viizion Box provides you with reliable services at competitive prices on decided timelines. We also provide high-quality resources, efficiencies, and sound processes. It required experience to admire the obligation of time, quality and lower cost. Viizion Box reduces the total cost of ownership. Also, by being competitive in all aspects of its services. Which also ensures that your most considerable profitability.

Projects which define its scope & result in reduced business analysis, research and experimentation. So this benefit will pass on to clients quicker delivery and lower costs.


Characters have turned into more common in computer interfaces. But characters designing have evolved from basic representations to complicated personifications giving the realistic appearance of personality, purpose & emotion.

We provide you with:

  • Character design and illustration
  • Technical Design
  • Cartoon and spot illustration
  • Diagramming and concept illustration

Character designing Process

We need to follow the perspective rules unless we remove the scene in which the character is standing. Even in that case, the character should locate in an exact space with perspective. Above all the perspective rules are necessary even on a stand-alone character design.

Our 2D Animation Team

Our professional 2d animation team for Character Design services. ViizonBox talented artists and designers try to present their thoughts on visual achievement.

In other words, Viizon Box designers have years of experience in character design. Our design artists also have produced animated cartoon characters for games. Computer-based training applications, and other presentations. So we have experienced designers whose talent and creative abilities make you rest. Therefore guarantee that you are working with the best.


The background design is the designing of the backdrop for the characters to place in. The background design is done as a separate process. And also combined with the characters wherever required.


Cell animation is an improvement from the traditional 2D animation. It lets some parts of a frame to repeat in other structures, reducing the time & efforts.

Cell Animation Process

We first create the concept and storyboard/ script. Then the background designs are make out. Which is following by character animation filming and mixing of sound. So according to need a few parts in a frame are using in other forms wherever required.


Multimedia solutions boost up your visibility, presentation, and brand impact. Flash Animation is one of the multimedia solutions. So the Flash Animation conveys your message in a convincing and attractive style. So it captures a higher mind share.


  • Website Animation
  • Games
  • Online Application
  • Looking to incorporate multimedia into an online presentation
  • Cartoons
  • Any type of application based on requirements

Our 2D Animators Team

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Viizion Box excels in creating Flash Animations. Our team also converts traditional communication into useful tools by using Flash Animation. ViizonBox design artist's team is proficient with advanced technologies and tools. So our services comprise of flash presentations for product demos, corporate needs, and concepts. So flash symbolizes the opportunity and efficient for creating remarkable broadcast animations.

2D Animation Benefits

Finally, there are few 2d Animation benefits are:

  • Enhance your Web site
  • Increase your website visitors
  • For Demonstrating a point
  • Interactive presentations