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Pre Production

The Pre-production process is the edifice on which the entire production rests.

It involves:

  • Idea generation through intensive brain storming sessions
  • Unleashing creativity and
  • Exploring the limits of human imagination.

  1. Concept Creation / Concept Development 
  2. Storyboards
  3. Sets/Props/Character designs
  4. Scale Drawings
  5. Color schemes
  6. Clay Modeling
  7. Anima tics

Our pre-production team starts up on creating a rough story board from the client's input. Following this, concept creation and final story board is executed. Final story board writing is done using the rough story board available. Then the scale drawings are made for the characters specified and the color scheme for those characters are applied. Then comes the design of the sets for the characters, design of non human characters, character design. Clay modeling of the characters is developed and the final anima tic of the film or animation is prepared for a complete view.

Our Team

Our highly experienced staff uses advanced and high-end technologies to guarantee that you receive the solutions you require in a timely and affordable manner.

  • Our Pre-Production service adds a new aspect to the decision making by compressing the business information into a visual reality, which is perceptive and attractive.
  • Using our Pre-Production services today's enterprises can efficiently present the volumes of data in sole and persuasive ways using the high-resolution 2D and 3 D representation, animation and interaction.
  • Our Pre-Production service facilitates you to bring corporate information to life and add value to your supply chain and enables a competitive edge in your market space.


At Viizonbox we provide you with reliable services at competitive prices and at decided timelines. We provide quality resources, High efficiencies, sound processes, and required experience to admire the obligation of time, quality and lowered cost. Viizonbox reduces the total cost of ownership by being competitive in all aspects of its services and ensures that you enjoy maximum profitability.

Projects which clearly define its scope and documentation results in reduced business analysis, research, assumptions and experimentation. This benefit will be passed on to clients in terms of quicker delivery and lowered cost.

At Viizonbox provides you with the right ambience and temperature to nurture your bright concept during its Pre-production and Visualization process, the edifice on which the entire product rests. This involves idea generation through intensive brain storming sessions, unleashing creativity, exploring the limits of human imagination.

Viizonbox Pre Production Services provides you with computer models, animations & interactive multimedia providing ability to view a design prior to completion. We look forward to working with you and invite you for exploring the varied range of projects which encompasses our creative abilities.


Concept creation is the first step in the process of Pre Production and it serves as a basic component for all the other services. This process involves the specifications of the characters and concepts of the animation or a film.

Our experienced team develops, design the graphical concepts and produce them in the required format. We endeavor to get intimate with you and take your dreams on board. Our team analyzes your concepts, implements it and efficiently become your best service provider for your pre production needs.

  • Professional output
  • Cost effective solution
  • Keep away from losing focus
  • Create something different
  • Produce enthusiasm and trust


Storyboard can be called as a script, full portrayal of the visual content, a catalog of all the resources required. It is the total map of the video and master document which can be referred by you and the production team. A Storyboard makes it possible to visualize accurately how the production looks like.

We practically predict your filming situations and the logistics for providing you with the exact budget requirements and work with you setting a rigid shooting schedule. We continue to stay flexible enough to obtain the shots you need for achieving your goal within your budget.


One of the most important processes involved in Pre Production is creation of storyboard. Our experienced team members prepare a rough story board as an initial step from which the final story board is derived. The rough story board does not contain the particular details of the characters (it contains only the outline of the characters). Concept creation is carried out before writing this story board. The story board written consists of the full description of the visual content and the list of all the resources required.


Sets/ Props/ Character designing is carried out in the pre production process. This follows concept creation and story board writing steps in pre production.

Set Designing – Designing of the backgrounds (sets) for the characters

Props Designing – Designing of the objects like tree, plant, chair, table etc.

Character Designing – Designing of the human characters in the film


Sets are designed for the characters as per the specifications in the concept creation and story board creation step. Then the other characters (except humans) like tree, chair etc. if needed to the project, will be designed. Character design involves the design of human characters specific to the movie.


Scale drawing is one among the pre production process. This involves the structural or outline drawing of the characters finalized from the concept creation process of Pre production.


Scale drawing is carried out after Concept creation and Story board creation process is completed. In this step we create a structural drawing of the characters which are specified in the film or animation.

Our Pre Production service adds a new aspect to the decision making by compressing the business information into a visual reality, which is perceptive and attractive.


Color Schemes providing service comes under pre production process. This process involves specification of colors for the characters drawn in the scale drawings step.


Color scheme process is carried out after the completion of Concept creation, Story board creation and scale drawing process. In this step our team members specify the colors to be used for different parts of the characters and color the characters with respective colors.

Our Pre Production service adds a new aspect to the decision making by compressing the business information into a visual reality, which is perceptive and attractive.


Clay modeling service in the pre production process involves the development of a full structure model of the character which is going to take part in the film and which is to be animated. Clay modeling helps to better understand the character by viewing it in all perceptions and to work easily on animation of the character.


We create a clay model for the characters. By viewing the clay models in required perceptions the character is designed or developed step by step. This clay modeling is done using specialized software and tools.


Anima tics in pre production process includes the finalized output got from all the previous process of pre production like concept creation, story board writing, scale drawing, color schemes, sets/props/character design, clay modeling. It's the final output of the pre production stage.

Our pre production team combines the outputs of all the other stages in pre production process to create a final view of the production. This is done by using specialized software and tools.