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Any successfully movie that you see today uses visual effects
- from the ships in “Star Wars” to the dinosaurs in “Jurassic Park ”, visual effects make the imaginary look completely real! Visual effects help enhance the look of a movie or create scenery and situations that cannot (or do not) exist in real life. The only way to create these scenes is through an amazing set of tools and technologies that let imaginary places look totally real.


Using high-end technologies from the latest compositing and Visual Effects solutions to animatronics and miniatures, we provide the following services.

  1. IIIusionary Effects
  2. Digital Compositing
  3. Digital Set Enhancement
  4. Multiplication
  5. Digital Intermediate
  6. Wire Removal
  7. Matte Painting
  8. Film Restoration


The cost of getting the visual communication material developed in a country like India is half as any American or European company would spend getting it done at their home with absolutely no compromise on quality.


Viizonbox has a huge pool of high quality engineers and animators. Our infrastructure and resource wealth includes dedicated to doing outsourced work and have set-ups designed just for that, high-speed Internet links that allow for seamless delivery of digitized content.

Our studio has SGI, 3DMax and Softimage, SFX and processing motion capture facilities. Also we have staffs trained to make optimum use of basics like Video Blaster, SoundBlaster, Frame Grabbers, digital cameras, MPEG cards and video conferencing solutions.


Illusionary effects make the commercial films a successful. Illusionary effects utilize the interpretive approaches, as a result deliberately bringing about the disillusionment of the spectator and creating a clear distance from the visual effects of cinematographic performance. Illusionary effects can also be defined as imaginary concepts added in a film.

In Viizonbox, our design artists are more experienced in creating illusionary effects. They examine the requirements of the clients and produce an extraordinary result which will surely be more than the requirement of the clients.


Digital composting is a method for combining two or more images in a way that approximates the indivisibility of the scenes that give rise to those images. Ideally the combined images look exactly like the image that would have arisen from combining the scenes. It can also be meant as a technique whereby separately filmed components are combined through digital editing.


Our Digital Compositing process includes scaling of the image, retouching and color correction of images. We use few software tools for Digital Compositing process such as Color correction utilities, Paint Programs,         Warping/Morphing Tools, Matte-Extraction software

Our Team

In Viizonbox we combine the talent along with the advanced software to meet any digital compositing requirements. Our Visual Effects team has wide-ranging experience in matte compositing which includes blue screen, green screen, , reverse blue screen, front light/backlight, and rot scoping), wire and rig removal, warping and morphing, and speed changes.


Digital set enhancement is used to make enrichments in the original set. It can also be said as Digital set enhancement is used to formulate changes in the original set as per the requirements. Digital set enhancement reduces the expense on sets.

In Viizonbox, we have experts for providing you with Digital set enhancements. The original set and specification of changes to be made in the set is obtained from the clients. Then the digital enhancements are made in the set by using specialized software and tools. The final quality output is offered to the clients promptly.


Multiplication is an image development strategy which uses the method such as repetition or reproduction for creating an image or series of images. Multiplication can also be called as Serialization.

This Multiplication technique reduces the cost to a great extent for the scenes involving more number of people or any other character.


In the Multiplication process the image to be multiplied is repeated or reproduced by using special tools. Then the replicated images are used wherever required in the scene. Our experienced artists perform this with high quality and on time.


Digital Intermediate is a film recording technology created to finish the features entirely in digital format. Digital Intermediate solves the problems related with transferring huge amount of data required to finish a feature film. Digital Intermediate process offers many creative possibilities like wipes and split-screens, and developing titles digitally rather than optical, and visual effects can be fully integrated into overall look of a film , without standing out as the apparent digital components.


Digital Intermediate involves original camera footage, film or tape, being scanned as data, then the images are digitally manipulated through color grading and vfx , the project will recorded back to the film negative  in  HD, 2K or 4K   resolution.

Digital Intermediate process starts with scanning of selected or entire original negative at 2K, 4K or 6K resolution. Then by Utilizing a Scanner, film is digitized to 2K data files and loaded for real-time manipulation.

  • Provides greater control over the color grading
  • Complex visual color effects can be created easily by isolating different colors within the frame
  • Protection of the original camera negative
  • Edits, re-edits, multiple versions and even short promos can all be done without reverting to the original negative 


Wire Removal is a type of Visual effects techniques used for removing wires in films, for e.g. in stunt scenes. Wire Removal is a method of replacing the wire with the backdrop behind it.


Our team removes the wire by editing each frame manually. The live actions of the actors balanced on the wires are placed in front of a 'green screen' (a video and film compositing technique). Then our team experts erase the wires frame by frame, including the backdrop of the scene, which will be added later on.

Wire Removal tool has two methods, Seam and Restore. In Seam method a line is drawn over the wire which pulls pixel information from left and right of the line for smoothing over the wire. Seam is hardly used because of that artifacting.

In Restore method you can choose another frame where wire is missing at the location and use that as source for filling the background over the wire in current frame. This method is fairly used for wire removal.


Matte Painting is a large painting used to portray backgrounds which are more expensive to make or find. Matte painting gives a scene the illusion of certain settings or size. In filmmaking matte painting involves mixing of the film of a live actor with artificially created image which gives an impression as such the actor is in a different background.


Matte painting is done using software such as Maya and Photoshop. Our team experts are also aware of traditional tools and techniques, with which we provide you the best.


Film Restoration process embraces the conversion of damaged films, images, videos in to digital format by removing the dirt, stains, scratches, etc from it.

Film Restoration process in Virtual Reality Animation Studios follows physical evaluation, high-speed and traditional screening. Film Restoration process is carried out with custom-built proofing which increase our talent for making exact modifications in the quality of image and creating archival elements which improve upon the original image.


We provide you with the following Film Restoration services:

  • Dust and Dirt Removal
  • Noise Suppression
  • Image vibrations
  • Image Stabilisation
  • Missing frames
  • Color Conversion
  • Scratch Removal
  • Correction of Flickers
  • Frame Interpolation


Film Restoration process starts by converting each frame in to digital image using a high resolution film scanner. Then the cut and scratch detection is carried out which is followed by removal of scratches and brightness correction. Local Motion analysis is performed for detecting the single frame anomalies. Then Dominant motion analysis is carried out. Local motion analysis and Dominant motion analysis is used for removal of single frame anomalies, noise suppression, image stabilization.